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Looking to Hire Excel Expert?

You have come to the right place. Our team of experts have so far assisted many clients in solving their Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheet needs. We offer Excel and Google Spreadsheet services at a very reasonable cost.

What we do

We understand your requirements and come up with the best possible solution with quick turnaround. We also use our Excel Expertise to understand your business challenges and model them using Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

We primarily use Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets and Microsoft Access for development. We have so far developed numerous custom business applications, automated reports in Excel and Google Spreadsheets, built dashboards, financial models and Insurance calculators, created Intuitive charts for our clients. We also work on designing Gantt charts for process tracking, Inventory Management applications, automated Payroll applications etc.

No work is too big or too small to us. We work on Excel and Google Spreadsheet tasks ranging from formula help to developing complex business applications.

We provide both Excel Expert and Excel Consulting services.

Excel Expert Services

If you are having a tough time with programming in Excel, formatting Excel sheets, writing formulas in Excel or Google Sheets or if your program is taking a long time to execute, get in touch with us right now for a quick resolution.
Our Excel Expert services are for those who are moderately familiar with Excel & Google Spreadsheets and are looking for help from the experts.

Excel Consulting Services

Our Excel Consulting services are designed for the clients who are looking to develop Excel related tools which involve complex formulas and programming either to automate their business processes for analyzing their sales data or to have an intuitive dashboard ready for business presentations.
We have so far developed Sales Dashboards, Financial Models and Automated reports using Excel. Call our Excel Experts now for a free quote.

Excel Expert Services using Access

When businesses scale up, the data volume also increases because of increase in sales, spike in expenses, increase in employee count etc. Microsoft Access is used widely in all medium size companies as a database to store all kinds of data.
We have the experience of combining both Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel for better automation of processes and business application development.

Microsoft Access Expert Services

If you are facing issues with your Access database queries or with Access VBA programming, you can get in touch with our Access Experts for the best solution to your problem.
Our Access consulting services is about developing custom business applications using Access and supporting our clients on SQL.

Data Confidentiality

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. All of us here at HireExcelExpert.com take data confidentiality very seriously and your data and business information is never shared. A data confidentiality agreement or a non-disclosure agreement can be signed if needed by the client.

Customer Relationship

We value our customers and it takes priority over any other thing for us. We take pride is understanding your business queries and resolving them as per your requirements.


Microsoft Excel is used by almost all professionals irrespective of the industries in which they work. We have worked in various domains/verticals till now. Few of the industries that our excel experts worked in are Accounting, Aviation, Banking, Construction, Consulting, Education, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing and Real Estate etc.

Long term Engagement

We have a dedicated team of Excel Experts and Excel Consultants who work on long term projects. Talk to us now to know more about our long term partnering services.

Client Locations

We have worked with clients all over the globe. We have mostly worked with clients located in San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, New York, Miami, New Jersey, London and Sydney.

Hire Excel Expert